Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Do I have to do the payment in advance ?


Yes, you have to do the full payment in advance.

How many times do a student have to visit RTO office for driving licence ?

Twice. 1st for the learner licence and after one month for the permanent licence.

At what age can i start learning driving ?

You should be above 18 years

Can I shift the cars in between the courses ?

Yes you can.

Can I change the timing in between the course ?

Yes you can

What if i cant come for class on a particular day?

You have to inform at least one hour before at our office.

What if I have to go out urgently for 10-15 days in between my course ?

You just have to inform us before going and once when you  come back you have to call us and we can continue your course.

What if I not able to visit the RTO on the appointed date ?

You have to inform us and take another appointment date.

What is the maximum time limit to complete my course ?

Within 6 months.

Can I learn only on weekend ?

Yes you can. We have to do special arrangement for the same.

Can I learn on both Automatic & Manual car ?

Yes you can.

Do I have to personally come to your office & register ?

No. You can register online by Apply Online link on our website or you can call us and one of our representative will visit to your place.

Do I have to come to you office everyday for the driving classes ?

Yes. But if you have enrolled for Pickup our car will come to pick you up.

Do your cars have A/c ?

Yes, Almost all

Do I have to personally come to your office to take the RTO appointment ?

No. You just have to call us and  tell the date.

How much time will it take at RTO ?

10am we will leave from our office by 1.30pm you will be back.

What documents are required for the admission ?

Following Documents required :

  1. Date of Birth proof
  2. Address Proof
  3. 2 Photos pp size

Due to any reason can I get refunded ?

Sorry. Payment won’t be refunded under any circumstances.

What if I already have a driving licence and just want to do a refresher course ?

Yes. You can.

What if I know driving and just need a driving licence ?

Yes you can apply only for the driving licence.