Maruti Swift Driving Course

From: 5,900.00

Learn driving of Maruti Swift Car

1 Session is of 30 Minutes.

5 Sessions in a week.

20 Days Course.

All the fee are included with Permanent Licence.

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Terms & Rules

  • All fees are to be paid in advance on enrolment.
  • Course should be completed within six months. And after that you will be treated as New Comer.
  • All the student have to go to RTO twice. Every day our car leaves at 10 am from Monday to Saturday. (only 1st & 3rd Saturday.)
  • Theory class will be held for Every Sunday at 10.30 am.
  • If the student does not want to attend the training he/she should inform one hour before training time, to the manager.
  • Arrangement can be made for those who want to learn on weekends. But on Sundays, you have to pay extra charges as applicable.
  • All the students are requested to be present on their appointment date for learner’s / permanent licence.
  • Payment will not be refunded under any circumstances.




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