GOOD LUCK MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL provides Car Driving services and dealing in to get Vehicle License for Individuals of different categories. We also offer services for various transport related matters like registration of motor vehicles, renewal of license, issuance of new license, renewal and transfer of permits and other regulatory and enforcement services. GOOD LUCK MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL offers 100% guarantee of hassle free and complete satisfaction. We are one stop solution for all the transport related matters.


GOOD LUCK MOTOR DRIVING SCHOOL offers training for all types of cars. We have different cars ranging from Ciaz,Cellario, Wagon-R, Alto and Maruti-800(fronti). We give you full reward for your money used by giving you complete training as per laws. We have well trained and experienced trainers with a fleet of all new vehicles.


  • The training time course will range between 25 to 30 mins.
  • Students who wish to get International Driving Permits should register with the institution before 120 days.
  • Students having any body defects or eye problem should inform the office well in advance.
  • If there are any changes in the rules and regulations in the fee structure of R.T.O or any government changes, the students will have to abide by those changes.
  • Driving test will be conducted after 30 days of learning license.


  • To Get Learner’s Licence
  • To Get Driving License
  • Duplicate Licence
  • Renewal of Driving License
  • Change of Name, Address or any corrections
  • To Get Two Separate Licenses in to Single license
  • Vehicle Transfer
  • Change of Address In Registration Certificate
  • To Get Transfer of ownership of the Vehicle
  • New Registration